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Our vision is to be the market leader in adventure tourism at local and national level, providing a quality service that exceeds their expectations, and thus loyalty of our suppliers and customers to ensure the multiplier effect.


Travel Agency Gregory Tours is located in the main square Street Triunfo No. 122 (main office) and two blocks from the plaza de Armas of Cusco (Office of Operations), Calle Siete Cuartones No. 284 Int. Dept. 3 Province Cusco, Cusco region.

This location is favorable for our cooperative customers, and for our guests which is in the city center.

We are a Peruvian company located in the Imperial City of Cusco, professionals with ethical principles and values, which guarantee to provide quality service.

In these 11 years we have been Laboring in routes and adventure programs in the Cusco region, the commitment of our company is to ensure a quality service and excellence while remaining as a formal company in the tourism market, and specializing increasingly, we have been certified by a qualified institution (SERNANP) company National Service of Protected Natural Areas and the Ministry of Culture, which give us an authorization to make use of all Inca trail routes.

Team Around Peru

More than 15 years operating in Cusco, Urubamba, Machu Picchu and a lot of trails can give you the security and good feeling to have nice days in Cusco and around. María. 


In every situation we will be in contact with you to arrange, change or plan your trips. We will give you the best price and the best comfort for your travel and wishes. Juan Carlos


"Ich bin mir sicher, dass die Freude an der Arbeit dazu beiträgt, dass wir das Leben mit mehr Leidenschaft und Emotion füllen können und somit die Welt in der heutigen Zeit der Globalisierung verbessern werden.

Sprachen sind eine Tür zur neuen Welten; sie sind Mittel durch die wir uns jeden Tag ein bisschen verbessern können, indem wir uns in Toleranz und Geduld üben, um unsere Welt besser zu verstehen und zu genießen, in jedem Moment, jeder Situation, jedem Gespräch.



We have a professional group of Guides trained in first aid and experts in different walks; Guides who speak English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian.

Mauro Huaillani Surco, Professional, charismatic, patient, responsible, willingness to help passengers, ethical identifies with the agency. Language: English, German.

Herber Jesus Chullo quispe. Professional, patient, punctual, interested in your group of passengers, charismatic, work under pressure, language: German and English.

Herman Barrientos Chilo, Professional, punctual, charismatic, patient, responsible, ethical, identifies with the agency, English language, Spanish.

Vanesa Chavez. Professional, patient, punctual, interested in your group passengers, charismatic, working under pressure, languages: German, French, English, Spanish.


They are skilled in cooking and ranked by SERNANP for service provision and controlled by the Ministry of Health which allows them to perform their work kitchen

Tomas Gonzalez sound, fair, responsible, honest collaborator, charismatic, good cook.

Reynaldo, Head, Spot, troubleshoots

Joseph, Responsible, timely, accessible, educated


When we speak of the carrier it is to speak the Inca Trail; The Porteador are the most important people on the route to the Inca Trail, perhaps the least understood both by tourists and operators agencies Inca Trail.
We say that is the most important because they are the ones who are responsible for bringing all necessary equipment to make your trip as pleasant as possible.
Our government has created a law, the law of the carrier where operators require agencies to provide appropriate conditions carriers, but not enough, competition requires companies often these people have inhuman treatment.

We as operators of the Inca trail, we give a good deal to our porters, so that currently accounts with the necessary equipment so that will facilitate your work done trying that they can feel comfortable in each group operate; we force the guides that each carrier is being presented the group and be part of it.
As for the risks that can occur within the Inca trail that no one is free, either by natural causes or acts of God; carriers have life insurance.


Justin Siccus Mamani, collaborator, educated identifies with the agency.

Aparicio Nayhua Mamani Leal, responsible, honest collaborator, charismatic clean.

  • Carlin Condori Juares.
  • Head Juan Mamani.
  • Gome Rodrigues Siccus.
  • Simon Rodriguez Juarez.
  • Julio Cesar Mamani Juares
  • Carmelo Rodriguez Juarez.
  • Percy Mamani Juarez.
  • Tomaz Head Hancco.
  • Ramon Hancco Head.
  • Carmelo Quenta Santa Cruz.
  • Mario Rodriguez siccus.

Are people of different communities depending on the route, many of them with only primary education are low-income people who offer their services to transport supplies and equipment for all travel different routes planned; They are loyal, responsible, honest, employees, charismatic.

They are qualified in tourism activity carriers, regulated by the ministry of transport and communication.

Paula: tourist professional, punctual, clean transportation, reliable transportation

Bus Lucy: punctual, clean, reliable, solves incidentals.

Private transport, clean, comfortable, safe car.

Camping equipment we have the equipment kitchen tent, dining tent, kitchen equipment dining equipment, mattresses, sleeping tent, poles, sleeping bags, etc.

Our equipment for your best comfort during the treks